Alimos is transforming: 100 million euros – investments in the Athenian Riviera

A breathtaking project not only for the city, but for the whole of Attica, is being implemented by the Municipality of Alimos.

By 2025, a radical reconstruction and at the same time modernization of the marina (Alimu Marina) will be completed. This is an ambitious plan for an investment that will reach 100 million euros and that will make the “face” of the Athenian Riviera more modern.

The planning for renovations is currently ongoing in terms of the transformation of the exterior (including green spaces) that were approved by previous decisions of the municipal council.

Last Wednesday (2/2), the project and management company for 40 years presented the Alimos Municipal Council with a new harbor design and architectural solution. During the discussion, all parameters were analyzed, and the experts involved in the work on the project answered questions and listened to the proposals and positions of citizens’ representatives.

What does the design of marina Alimu include

According to the plan, a zone of shops and restaurants will be laid out here, a hotel will be built, a pier, a sidewalk and a bicycle path will be updated. Significant efforts will be made to landscaping the area, which will help improve the microclimate of the city. In addition, a control room and parking for 850 cars will be created (with an increase in the future). The new pier will house the Municipal Gallery, rich in works from the 20th century.

As the mayor of Alimos emphasized, this project “will mean improving the quality of everyday life, renovating the city itself, which, in this way, becomes touristic, well-maintained and comfortable.”

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