A woman in years ate 1 avocado every day! A month later, it happened to her …

Soft and juicy avocados are now appreciated all over the world, doctors and scientists talk about its benefits. Although everyone knows that avocados are the fattest vegetable product in the world. So how can it be so useful?

Benefits of avocado for the body

It would seem, how can a product, one-third of which is fat, be useful? Nutritionists explained: not all fats are harmful. Saturated fats increase cholesterol and increase the risk of various diseases. Whereas mono- and polyunsaturated fats are able to lower the level of bad cholesterol and reliably protect the heart. These are the fats found in avocados.

Unsaturated fats are a group of useful substances that our body needs to build cells and regulate metabolic processes. Our brain consists of 60% fatty substances, and about 60% of all energy our heart receives in the process of processing fats. These fats are needed by the nervous system, lungs, and vision. In general, our body cannot do without them.

Avocado is one of the leaders in the content of unsaturated fats. That’s what it’s useful for in the first place. In addition, avocados contain folates, vitamins A and E, potassium, and sterols. Not a fruit, but a real vitamin bomb. Thanks to its rich composition, avocados protect our body from many ailments. Let’s figure out which ones.

The cardiovascular system
Heart disease is the #1 killer in the world. Millions of adults around the world suffer from heart problems. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent these ailments by adding healthy foods to the diet. Including avocados.

In addition to unsaturated fats, avocados contain a wide range of other beneficial substances: potassium and lutein, as well as carotenoids and phenols. These compounds help prevent inflammation and oxidative processes in blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation.

The potassium contained in the avocado contributes to the proper functioning of the heart, normalizes the water-salt balance in the body and increases resistance to stress. Another fruit is recommended for people with high blood pressure, as it tends to reduce it.

weight loss
Fats help us lose weight – who would have thought? Yes, that’s right, avocado promotes weight loss by creating a feeling of satiety and reducing appetite. This is all due to the high content of fiber (about 14 g per fruit). Studies have shown that diets high in unsaturated fats are much healthier and more effective than diets low in fat.

Oncological diseases
Avocados provide the body with many phytochemicals that prevent cancer. The protein compound glutathione reduces the risk of oral cancer. Studies show that avocados help prevent breast and prostate cancer. These facts once again confirm that it is necessary to add avocados to the diet.

Skin and eyes
It turned out that the carotenoids contained in avocados play a big role in protecting the body. Lutein and zeaxanthin reduce age-related vision loss and protect against blindness. They also protect the skin from harmful UV rays. The most interesting thing is that our body absorbs carotenoids from avocados much more easily than from other fruits and vegetables.

Due to the high content of vitamin C, avocado stimulates the immune system. It will be useful during periods of flu, and will also perfectly restore strength after an illness.

You know about the benefits of avocados, now it remains to add it to your diet. Make sandwiches, just eat with a spoon, or cook a delicious breakfast. “So simple!” I found for you a delicious avocado casserole, which is prepared in no time. This is the perfect breakfast!


4 eggs 1 avocado 4 slices of bacon 1 tbsp. l. olive oil ground black pepper salt


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Grease the baking dish with olive oil. Heat up the pan and fry the bacon. If you are on a diet, you can replace the bacon with boiled meat. Mash the avocado with a fork and divide into molds. Then add the bacon and crack the egg on top. Salt, pepper and send to the oven. Bake for 5 minutes. Here is your breakfast!

The most interesting thing is that everything is useful in this fruit, even the bone! It is not for nothing that it is considered one of the most useful foods in the world. This is not just a publicity stunt, there is evidence for this. It is only important to eat fruit regularly so that the body absorbs all its nutrients. In addition, avocados are great for losing weight. So start buying this green miracle fruit and always stay healthy!

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