A student in a skirt: a scarecrow or a modern image of personality

Professor Akis Celentis posted a long comment on Facebook about an incident that took place at a music school between a teacher and a student.

In his post, a respected person, whose opinion the public listens to, expressed his opinion that happened at the music school in Ilion, when a student came to class in a skirte.

Obviously, this incident, which was described by all the Greek media, caused the most diverse, ambiguous reaction from the society.

Professor’s opinion

“Which of you reading this news does not remember the school uniform with the mandatory apron and white collar that Greek schoolchildren wore until 1982? And how strong was our joy when we were bought a new set of standard clothes, and then we looked forward to the first day to proudly go to classes in the new school year?!

According to the prevailing policy at that time, the decision to make students dressed in “uniforms” of the same type was made in order to equalize them so that no one stands out by their origin or by whether the student’s family is rich or poor.

In 1982, the Minister of Education of the then PASOK government, Lefteris Verivakis, officially announced the decision to abolish school uniforms. And the dress code had to change. At that time, the school suit with a plain light shirt (for boys) was replaced by thin sweaters with a high neck (turtlenecks) and dark trousers.

The abolition of school uniforms, on the one hand, “turned the brains” of society. But at the same time, it gave the students the right to independently decide the issue of their appearance, to determine the “style” and adherence to it. Was it the right decision to cancel the form? Did this achieve the goal – to develop the personality of the child? If yes, then that’s great. However, it’s not that simple…

Personally, I prefer to see allegedly “oppressed” students dressed in standard uniforms (shirts for boys and aprons for girls) than schoolchildren with tattoos and earrings on their lips, ears, tongue and cheeks, who secretly smoke “weed” and among 10 words that they can say, 8 are obscene.”


The last thing I would like is for the professor to be summoned to the Ministry of Education on the carpet, accusing him of “intolerance.” People, where is this world heading?! Looks like we missed something very important…

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