When will we take off our masks? After Easter, promises Pagoni

Matina Pagoni, President of EINAP, spoke about the progress of the pandemic and vaccination:

“The rates of severe cases, mortality and the number of patients in intensive care will decrease slowly. Mask restrictions will disappear after Easter, starting in June, if things continue to go well while food restrictions are lifted, and if we eat and party with care at all times.”

Regarding the third dose of the vaccine, Ms Pagoni stated:

“Research has been done. People should take the 3rd dose, especially those over 60, especially those with underlying medical conditions. We cannot compare our situation in Greece with other countries. Each country is at a different stage of the pandemic. There are many people who are not vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated are lingering in hospitals because many thought they would stay home and recover. In addition, there are people over 60 who have complications, especially with Delta, which is a complex variant that causes pneumonia. The 300,000 unvaccinated, as well as those who received one or two doses, could become very ill.”

Ms. Pagoni then noted that “the medical staff is always on the front line and takes care of every case that arises. She stated that further strengthening and financing of hospitals was necessary and essential.

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