February 3, 2023

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The boy was insulted by the teacher because he came to class in a skirt

The Ministry of Education commissioned an investigation into the incident at the Ilion music school, when a teacher insulted a student who showed up to class in … a skirt.

It is reported that all this happened last week, when a student of the Ilion Music School came to school in a skirt. One of the teachers allowed himself to make derogatory remarks and, according to SKAI, said that “you are a disgrace to society.”

The next day, the boy’s classmates decided to support him. In solidarity and with the idea of ​​“clothing has no gender”, the boys and girls attending school donned skirts and ties (respectively to the opposite sex), emphasizing the society’s need to eliminate discrimination and create social conditions of equality and respect.

As noted, the Ministry of Education began investigating the incident. “We are committed to democratic education, with acceptance of diversity, tolerance and teachers who support their students. Which are also inspired by the principles of equality, freedom and equal opportunity. Therefore, we have introduced relevant seminars and have already trained more than 80,000 teachers on the topic of human rights and mutual respect,” Secretary General of the Ministry of Education Alexandros Kopsis told newsit.gr.

At the same time, he stressed that the ministry “ordered an investigation to lay responsibility on the perpetrators (if any) and take action in accordance with applicable law.”


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