Greek Deputy Finance Minister: Poor people don’t have cars, they eat beans and peas"

The authors of the blockbuster about amazing quality of life in Greece there’s a new character that sounds like “Poor families don’t have cars… they eat beans and peas.”

The surrealism in which we have been living in this country for the past two years creates the feeling that the people of Greece and officials live, not only in different countries, but also in different realities. I can understand the government’s efforts to pass off miscalculations as victories, declining living standards as improvements. This is politics and political games familiar to those who live in the so-called. democratic societies, where the goal of coming to power is the desire to get rich or to lead the whole country to your heart’s content. But sometimes the absurd statement of a high-ranking official is simply amazing: “Poor families do not have cars,” said the Deputy Minister of Finance of Greece and added after the indignation that they eat “beans and peas, the price increase of which is negligible.”

However, since our real life depends on these people, I assure you: this is not funny!

Mitsotakis: “Greece is a country with an amazing quality of life”

Following the prime minister, who praised “amazing quality of lifein Greece, a minister made an incredible argument as to why the government is not cutting fuel taxes that have reached exorbitant heights.

“The fuel tax is a reverse progressive tax. In other words, the poorest households use much less fuel because they don’t have a car, the heavy fuel tax is levied on gasoline and is huge, but the poorest households don’t have a car. Most pensioners and many unemployed do not have their own transport either. Those who have two or three cars, which in society cannot be called poor, spend more,” Deputy Finance Minister Theodoros Skilakakis said in an interview. Parapolitika FM.

“So if we cut taxes (on fuel), it will benefit the richest and it will leave the poorest unprotected. It seems absurd,” he said further.

Of course, he did not point out the “absurdity” of the Prime Minister’s announcements the other day. property tax cuts ENFIA , since only the owners of the property will benefit from them, and not those who do not have it. Even if a government spokesman announced the reduction of ENFIA, “this is a horizontal measure” from which everyone will benefit.

It goes without saying that Deputy Minister Skylakakis did not dare to challenge the Prime Minister. The 62-year-old politician has served his entire working life in government agencies affiliated with the New Democracy and the last time he went to a gas station without a personal driver, or shined his own shoes, was most likely before 1989, as some suspect. MEDIA.

Theodoros Skilakis

The minister, who holds the portfolio of public spending, has not only shown ignorance about the cost of a cheap car in the country, but also seems to believe that fuel prices do not affect all citizens, rich and poor, as they have a big impact on the economy and the supply chain. goods, incl. food.

It is the Minister of Finance Christos Staikouras denounced his deputy minister, saying that “the government is considering lowering the value-added tax on food.”

Other officials drew attention to the fact that the state receives most of its revenue from taxes on fuel, a total of 60% of the final price.

But the Greek version of Marie Antoinette will insist on its neoliberal worldview, which wants the poor to not have cars and not eat meat because they can’t afford it.

Speaking to ANT1 on Friday morning, Skylakakis said the impact of fuel prices is affecting “the beans and peas only 0.1%, while food prices rose overall by 4.3% in December (these are official and clearly underestimated data. Note. editions).

If the price index reaches 6% in January, how Eurostat warned, I am convinced that Minister Skilakakis and other Marie Antoinettes around him will be screaming for an immediate price cut for cakes.

They say that when officials break away from the people, sooner or later they lose not only their place, but sometimes their heads (greetings from Marie Antoinette). And not so important, it’s about and”cakes instead of bread“, or a country with an “amazing quality of life”, we live in this society, I can assure you: it’s not exactly funny!

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