A “truce” with the coronavirus is coming

Against the backdrop of the spread and increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus, WHO experts say it is possible to bring the pandemic under control.

According to the World Health Organization, 12 million new cases of infection, the highest since the beginning of the pandemic, were recorded in Europe in the past week alone. However, mortality rates are gradually stabilizing, and the number of hospitalizations, if growing, is growing at a slow pace.

Hans Kluge, director of the WHO European office, speaks of the opportunity to bring the pandemic under control. This will help high levels of vaccination in European countries, the onset of spring warmth and natural immunity. He says:

“We are in a situation that we have not yet encountered during the current pandemic. There is room for a long respite, and there is hope for a much higher level of protection for the population against a new wave of infection, even if an even more virulent strain appears. This period of increased protection should be seen as a “truce” that could bring us lasting peace. Provided that we strengthen and maintain immunity by continuing to vaccinate and distribute booster doses.”

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