The killer of 19-year-old Alkis is at the prosecutor’s office, he denies everything

The arrival of the public prosecutor arrested on suspicion of the murder of Alkis Campanos, a 23-year-old Albanian, was accompanied by angry shouts.

He arrived at the courthouse of Thessaloniki in the area of ​​Harilaou with his head down and wearing a bulletproof vest.

He was prosecuted by the Sub-Directorate for Crimes Against Life of the Thessaloniki Security Service under several articles: violation of the law on weapons, repeated infliction of dangerous bodily harm, manslaughter and a fight resulting in death.

The first time, according to police data, an Albanian came to the attention of law enforcement officers in March 2019, due to fan violence – five people attacked two fans at a bus stop on Plastira Street. One of them was stabbed in the leg, the other fled. Moreover, it happened near the place where Alkis Campanos was killed. He was also noted in violent episodes at the Panthessaliko stadium, back in 2017. He is awaiting trial in the 2019 case.

A member of the PAOK team detained yesterday by the security service, who has a criminal “fan” past in connection with similar attacks, suspected of killing Alkis Campanos, denies everything:

“I don’t understand why I’m here, I don’t know what incident you are talking about.”

The 23-year-old alleged perpetrator was among 14 arrested in Alkis’ murder. He was released Wednesday afternoon before a police raid on the PAOK association. During the search, the police found a whole arsenal: knives, bats, hammers, shovels, sparklers and helmets. Shortly after this, the hooligan was detained. One of the victim’s friends identified the arrested person in the video with a scythe, which probably became the murder weapon of young Alkis from Thessaloniki.

The killer was identified on video from surveillance cameras – there he gets in and out of cars, which were driven by aggressive fans, in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe Aris stadium in Thessaloniki. The detainee is also the owner of one of the cars on which the scumbags drove around – blood was found in the cabin.

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