Kallithea: police operation in an illegal casino

Three people arrested during a police operation in Kallithea, an illegal casino was located in an apartment building.

The gaming establishment was well protected – an armored door that could be opened only with a button, a lot of surveillance cameras and even observers who gave a danger signal if the police appeared. It was located on the first floor of an ordinary apartment building. The illegal casino was equipped with roulette tables and green felt tables, as well as more than 60 computers.

Due to increased security measures by the owners of the institution, the police operation took place in difficult conditions. However, it was carefully designed and prepared by members of the Security Police and the OPKE. As a result, three people were detained.

During the festive period, the Greek police carried out a “broom” operation to combat illegal gambling. From December 16, 2021 to January 7, 2022, 4,252 checks were carried out, 185 people were detained, and another 146 people are listed in cases opened on the fact of illegal actions. According to EL.AS., out of 83 offenses, 79 are related to illegal mini-casinos, another 4 – to gambling on the Internet.

As a result of the operations, 122 devices (computers, servers, gaming machines, cameras, recording devices), 290 additional devices (keyboards, monitors, mice), 72,998.80 euros, were confiscated.

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