Former Greek President Christos Sardzetakis dies

Christos Sardzetakis (Χρήστος Σαρτζετάκης) – the former President of Greece, who was hospitalized with pneumonia in the intensive care unit of Laikos, passed away at the age of 92. He passed away today around 02:00.

Christos Sardzetakis was born on April 6, 1929. He served as President of the Hellenic Republic from 1985 to 1990, performing his duties with exceptional devotion to the constitution.

In 1956 he was a justice of the peace in Kleisura (Kastoria). In 1963, he worked in the court of first instance of Thessaloniki and became known as an investigator in the case of the murder of a leftist deputy Grigoris Lambrakis, who did not succumb to political pressure from the then political and judicial authorities.

In 1968, during the junta, he was dismissed from the judiciary, arrested twice and tortured by the EAT-ESA, and then imprisoned without trial. Christos Sardzetakis was released from junta prisons after international outrage in 1971. After the fall of the dictatorship, he was reinstated in September 1974 with the rank of prosecutor of appeal.

In 1981 he was awarded the title of President of the Court of Appeal, and in 1982 – the title of Areopagite. During the presidential elections of 1985, Christos Sartsetakis was nominated by PASOK and elected on March 29, 1985 to the post of President of the Republic, which he held until May 5, 1990.

During his tenure as president, he became known for his widely acclaimed “we are a brotherly people” statement and his commitment to upholding the constitution, especially during the difficult period of 1989-1990. On December 21, 2018 he was awarded the Academy of Athens. He was married to Efi Argiriou and they have a daughter.

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