Unexpected epiphany: “Re-vaccinations are not a viable strategy, the 4th dose is not needed”

Professor Maria Theodoridou, president of the National Committee for Vaccination of Greece, made a shocking statement on Monday evening. “Backup vaccinations are not a viable strategy against Covid-19, and revaccination does not create an immunity wall,” she said.

During the live briefing, Theodoridou also expressed doubts about the fourth dose of vaccination.

Speaking about the progress of the national coronavirus vaccination campaign, Theodoridou said that the effectiveness of the third dose (booster) of the vaccine is about 50% in terms of disease, which is the FDA’s criterion for a vaccine to be effective.

“What disappointed us is that the vaccine cannot build an effective immune wall and stop the transmission of infection,” she stressed, adding that “according to research, the vaccine is effective and can protect the body from the virus.” To paraphrase the words of Ms. Theodoridou, representatives of the pharmaceutical companies rigged the results. Is not it? (What a surprise).

In terms of mortality, the third dose of the vaccine is 95% protective after two weeks of administration, the corresponding percentage with two doses of the vaccine being 59%, added Ms Theodoridou. She indicated that “scientists are skeptical about giving a fourth dose,” emphasizing that “repeated vaccinations in such a short period of time are not a viable strategy.”

“This is not a solution. It is very important to have vaccines that stop the transmission of the virus,” Teodoridou explained. Referring to the WHO, she added that “increasing the doses of the original vaccines will not stop the emergence of new strains.”

Speaking about Long Covid syndrome and vaccines, Professor Theodoridou said that data is still not enough. However, “people with two doses are 50% less likely to develop this syndrome,” she said.

Marios Themistocleos: 83.8% of booster recipients were vaccinated

Secretary General of Primary Health Care at the Greek Ministry of Health, Marios Themistokleous, said: “We have exceeded 19,400,000 vaccinations. More than 7,660,000 citizens have been vaccinated once, which is 73.8% of the general population and 83.7% of the adult population. more than 7,330,000 of our fellow citizens, which corresponds to 69.8% of the total population and 79.3% of the adult population.

There are currently 5,816,000 beneficiaries in revaccination, 80% of completed vaccinations and 4,880,000 vaccinations already carried out, 83.8% of beneficiaries and another 200,000 have scheduled their appointments, the percentage is 3.4%. In total, that is, 87.2%.

As a reminder, by July 2, those who have been more than seven months since their second dose of the two-dose vaccine, and those who have been more than three months since their single dose of J&J, must be revaccinated to keep their certificate active.

Of those over 60, 230,000 have been vaccinated with at least one dose or are scheduled to be vaccinated. 200,000 people have completed vaccinations, 12,000 people have booked doctor appointments and another 12,000 people are scheduled to be vaccinated at home.”

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