Night attack on a journalist’s house

At 2:30 tonight, there was an attack with gas cylinders on the home of journalist Dimitris Kampourakis in Argiroupoli. He has received threatening emails in the past.

Here is what the SKAI journalist said, describing the perpetrators:

“I was sleeping and I heard a roar. I went out, the whole door was on fire. One of the gas cylinders did not explode. If I didn’t have that heavy security door, they would have succeeded. My mother-in-law lives on the first floor, who is not here now. If she was here, we’d be in trouble. If someone passed through here, they would burn. One of them was wearing a black hat, mask and beard. The dangers of the profession … “.

Security video shows the man, who was wearing a hat and mask, walking up the steps of the house, opening his bag and leaving the gas cylinders. After a while, a deafening explosion is heard and a fire starts.

Last year, a well-known journalist has already received threats. He was offered protection, says Kampourakis:

A few years ago, I received threatening emails. The police contacted me to offer a police escort. But I said I didn’t want to have a person who would be my shadow. Now I think again, there are risks in the profession.

In addition to the house of Dimitris Kampourakis, gas cylinders exploded in the apartment building where the President of the Special Guard (πρόεδρος των Ειδικών Φρουρών) Vassilis Dumas lives, in the Πεδίον Άρεως district. The explosion damaged the front door. Mr Dumas tells ERT:

“There was an explosion, and then a fire, but it did not spread to the cars standing nearby. Fortunately, no one was in danger, there was no traffic on the road at that time. There are threats at times, but here we are talking about an act that endangered life. Neither I nor those whom I represent are afraid. I support democracy, some may disagree, but controversy is not fire or danger, democracy has ways of expressing itself.”

An investigation is underway and Dumas said there is usable footage that will be examined.

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