Alcohol test: alcohol meter will be installed on all cars in the EU

Just the other day, the European Union passed new rules requiring all cars produced and sold in the EU to be equipped with “alcohol meters” (alcohol meters), as the goal is to limit drunk driving.

The device will be mandatory installed on every vehicle in the Member States of the European Union from July 6, 2022. The driver is expected to blow into the car’s breathalyzer before starting. If the driver’s alcohol level is too high, the car simply won’t start. It should be noted that this system will become mandatory from 2024 for all cars sold in the EU.

When the driver gets into the car and before starting it with the key, the breathalyzer will require the driver to blow into a special device to determine whether he has consumed alcohol and whether he is able to drive a car. “Permit to drive” varies according to the restrictions in force in each country regarding the threshold ppm. If it turns out that the driver has consumed more alcohol than required by law, the engine will not start and the car will remain parked.

Alcohol Intelock comes after a disastrous study that showed that while over 30,000 drivers in Europe have been disqualified for excessive drinking, over 30% (about 10,000) continue to drive without a license.

More than 20,000 people die on the streets of Europe each year, with 25% of deaths due to drunken traffic accidents. For this reason, even the abolition of restrictions on alcohol and therefore closing the “loophole” for those who continue to drive after drinking even a minimal amount of alcohol (for example, a glass of beer) is being considered.

However, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania have already set a zero threshold.

In Greece, a driver is considered to be under the influence of alcohol if an alcohol level of 0.50 g/l is detected. when taking blood or 0.25 milligrams per liter of exhaled air. Fines start at 200 euros and can reach – depending on the offender’s blood alcohol percentage – up to 2,000 euros, with some cases punishable by up to imprisonment.

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