Accident in January in Attica: 15 dead and 412 injured

Fifteen people died and 412 were injured in traffic accidents that occurred in January 2022 in Attica.

According to the traffic police, an equal number of people died in 15 accidents, and 412 were injured in 366 accidents, of which 10 were severe and 402 were light.

The main causes of the accident were: careless driving and inattention, driving on prohibitory signs, violation of traffic rules by pedestrians. However, the non-use of protective helmets by drivers and passengers of two-wheeled vehicles in many cases increased the severity of injuries.

In the course of targeted actions taken by the Attica Traffic Authority to improve road safety, 13,160 violations were confirmed, of which 552 are misdemeanors.


150 offenses for driving while intoxicated, including 38 administrative offenses. 1772 speed violations. 127 red light violations. 132 using a mobile phone while driving. 324 – not fastened seat belts. 322 not wearing a protective helmet. 36 dangerous maneuvers.

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