The smell of the body can tell about a serious problem in the body

The body gives a signal that a disease is developing in the body. Experts tell you when to pay attention to an unusual smell and how to respond to it.

Sometimes the very first sign of the disease is a changed body odor. At the same time, says German expert Astrid Erdtman, some manifestations become a good reason to see a doctor, while others signal that you can’t hesitate and it’s time to call an ambulance.


Sweet breath indicates an inflammatory process in the tonsils – pharyngeal and palatine. The smell caused by bacteria is accompanied by additional symptoms – fatigue, difficulty swallowing, headache.

Liver disease

A metallic taste in the mouth and the smell of ammonia from the skin indicate problems with the liver. It occurs in the process of protein breakdown, when a diseased organ is unable to cope with a complex process. Additional symptoms: fatigue, loss of efficiency, too rapid satiety during meals.


Urinary tract infection and inflammation increase the smell of urine and are manifested by pain when urinating. The pungent odor is caused by bacteria that provoke purulent processes.


The smell of nail polish remover or acetone from the mouth indicates the development of type 1 diabetes. It appears when, with a lack of insulin, the body begins to use fat as an energy source. The stronger the smell, the higher the risk of developing a diabetic coma.

The smell of acetone may also be present in violations of the kidneys. In this case, additional symptoms are swelling under the eyes, pain in the lumbar region, problems with urination.

Inflammation of the stomach

The secretion of too much gastric juice, which accompanies the inflammatory process in the stomach, gives the eructation the smell of fermented fruit. Additional symptoms are a feeling of heaviness and fullness in the stomach.


Reduced activity of the thyroid gland is manifested in the morning sweat, smelling of vinegar. The condition often occurs in women older than 45-50 years. The problem is accompanied by hair loss, dry skin, sensitivity to cold, constipation. The smell of vinegar can also signal tuberculosis, an unhealthy diet, and a lack of vitamins.

And a little about something else

A common belief claims that before death, a person begins to smell a lemon or other citrus. It is not known for certain whether this is true and where this belief came from – science is silent on this matter. But still, according to scientists, really smells can predict death.

For example, in 2014, a study was published that the chances of dying over the next few years are indicated by the loss of the ability to smell black pepper, cinnamon, smoke, lemon, chocolate. The researchers concluded that the loss of smell is associated with the state of dementia. So, you should not be afraid of the smell of lemon and consider it a harbinger of death; loss of smell should cause fear.


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