Panos Nazis: the chronology of the tragedy

Famous 31-year-old actor Panos Nazis died after his motorcycle collided with a garbage truck. The tragedy occurred at 06:30 am on Saturday in Metaxourgio, at the intersection of Deligiorgi and Kerameikou streets.

Panos Nazis was returning from a birthday party for his colleague Alexandra Tavulari, which was attended by the actors who played with him in George Kapucidis’s Who Wants to Get a Divorce… Raise Your Hand. The victim was wearing a helmet, but the collision with the truck was too strong.

The garbage truck was driven by a 39-year-old native of Italy. He has been arrested and a case has been opened against him. But this does not yet mean that the man is to blame – this is a common practice when investigating such incidents. According to the first data, one of the two drivers violated the rules, as there is a STOP sign in front of the intersection. Toxicological examination will determine the content in the blood of both men of alcohol and prohibited substances.

The heavy car of the municipality of Athens was moving along Deligiorgi Street, the motorcycle of Panos Natsis – along Kerameikou Street. Two roads intersect, there is no traffic light, but there is a stop sign. Judging by the autopsy, examination of the scene and the first data from the Athens traffic police, the sign is located on Kerameikou Street, along which the deceased actor was moving. The truck driver immediately stopped after the collision and tried to help the victim by calling the doctors and the traffic police. A breathalyzer test showed that he was sober.

A little over a month ago, the actor gave his last interview. On December 14, 2021, Panos Nazis was a guest on the Morning TV Show with Betty Mangira and Dimitris Makalias. The conversation was about the successful performance “Who wants to get a divorce … let him raise his hand.” In the context of the topic, the actor said that he is not yet ready for marriage, although he thinks that this may happen soon: “I thought about family and marriage. I’m still young, but since a lot of my friends have kids and I’m happy to see them so happy, I’m slowly setting myself up.”

All colleagues of the actor are in a state of shock.

A few hours after the news of his death, it was announced that the performance of the play “Who wants to get a divorce, let him raise his hand” in the theater was suspended.

The investigation by the Athens Road Authority is ongoing and the footage will be used to fully clarify the circumstances of the accident.


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