June 10, 2023

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When “finances sing romances” – February will not please

The galloping rise in prices for basic foodstuffs and readings on electricity bills are simply “unsettling”. Wallets are hopelessly empty, and new price rises are ahead.

After a significant increase in the cost of electricity in January, only the last week increased the price for it by 35% – from 206 euros per megawatt / hour to 276. The average price so far is 220 euros, or 0.22 euros / kilowatt hour. The subsidy promised by the government to consumers will amount to about 40 euros in February, which will obviously not be enough with the continuing rise in prices.

Food prices in February will also not please, which is already obvious. In addition, bad weather also contributed, blocking supplies. According to experts, an increase of 5-15 cents is observed for some products literally every day. Among the main ones:

fresh juices;

vegetables and fruits;

canned food;

olive oil;

dishwashing liquids;

soft drinks;






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