Uzbekistan: mother throws child into bear cage

A visitor to a Tashkent zoo threw her daughter into a cage with a brown bear. The girl suffered from a fall from a height of five meters.

The press service of the zoo reports an incident that occurred on Friday 28 January. A young woman, in front of other visitors, threw a small child into a bear cage. When those around her understood her intentions, they tried to stop the woman, but to no avail. The baby fell into the enclosure, where there is a cage with a bear, from a 5-meter height, they say media.

Zuzu, a Caucasian brown bear, was lying down watching the movements of a young woman as she threw the baby away. Then he “slowly went down to the ditch, went up to the girl, sniffed her and walked away. Zookeepers reacted instantly and lured the animal into the interior.

The child was examined by a nurse. According to the press service of the zoo, “the little girl was injured when she fell from a height of almost 5 meters, and not from the teeth of a bear. During the initial examination, apart from bruises, no serious injuries were found.”

The police are investigating the cause of the incident. The zoo administration promised to cover all medical expenses necessary for the treatment of the child.

The brown bear Zuzu was transferred to the Tashkent Zoo from the Baku Zoological Park in 2017. He is “social, has a playful disposition and welcomes visitors.” The statement said that the bear had no aggression towards people: “this behavior of the animal is the result of the proper treatment of the animal in captivity by the zoo staff, its polite and affectionate attitude towards the bear.”


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