February 3, 2023

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The target of antivaxers was a pediatrician from Loutraki

A pediatrician who took part in an advertising campaign to vaccinate children was the target of an attack by opponents of vaccinations.

Masked men, according to loutraki365.gr, attacked her office in Loutraki, smashing it and writing on the door with paint: “How much did you get.” The pediatrician also complains about incoming threats to her on social networks and by e-mail.

In her post, the pediatrician states that she participated in the anti-vaxxer outrageous video on a voluntary basis, and not on a commercial basis. She was invited to do this by the scientific committee. She writes:

“To state the obvious – my participation in the vaccination campaign was voluntary and NON-PROFIT, at the invitation of the scientific committee. It is incomprehensible to me that some people slander so viciously and easily, when every day we have about 100 deaths of our brethren from covid-19. Most, if not all, pediatricians in our country support vaccination as much as the global scientific community. I hope that God will give them (anti-vaxers) an insight, as their eyes and ears are closed to science.”


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