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The debt of the population to the state is growing

The overdue debt to the state exceeded 110 billion euros, of which 25 billion were recognized as irrecoverable.

According to new data from AADE (the tax office), the total amount of old and new debts as of November last year was 110.17 billion euros, of which 85.1 billion euros can be collected.

At the same time, for the period from November to January, new overdue debts amounted to 5.64 billion euros, of which 5.13 billion euros are unpaid taxes.

At the moment, the number of citizens who have debts to the tax inspectorate is 4,138,953, and in relation to 1,327,398 measures have been taken to enforce the collection of debts.

Recall that until January 26, according to the decision of Deputy Finance Minister A. Vesiropoulos, debts incurred during the pandemic (due to coronavirus) may be subject to regulation – broken down into 36-72 parts (i.e., created from March 1, 2020 to July 31, 2021).


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