Whale on… Alimos Beach

An unusual incident is observed by the inhabitants of Alimos – a whale lost its orientation in shallow water. Apparently, he is injured. There are veterinarians and divers trying to help the mammal.

Judging by the available information, the animal was in shallow water yesterday. He was helped to get out into the depths, but the whale again approached the shore. Dr. Koutsoubas, professor of marine biology, told SKAI that these animals often stumble on ship propellers. He noted that, apparently, the whale received serious injuries that usually do not go well. The professor also explained that the whale is not dangerous at all, it is a representative of one of the protected species.

Veterinarian and member of Arion, Evgenia Skuntsu, said they would try to draw blood from the whale to determine the problem and find out why he was disoriented. Anastasia Miliu, scientific director of the Institute for the Protection of the Sea “Archipelago”, says that the whale found on Friday morning was injured:

“There is no infrastructure to care for such an animal. We have been trying for years to build a “hospital” for these marine mammals and have been plagued by bureaucracy. In this case, treatment is possible only on the spot. It is rare to see a whale in shallow water. This means that he faces a serious problem and there is little hope that he can return. These animals do not lose their orientation, they are either injured or sick. He’s there and that means he’s in trouble. It is very sensitive to intense underwater noise pollution. Usually avoids the presence of a person and hides. Even if someone sees him in the open air, it will be for a few seconds, as he will rush to leave.


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