June 10, 2023

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A gang of robbers neutralized in Kallithea

The security service of the Kallithea metropolitan area neutralized a gypsy gang of thieves who preferred expensive electronic devices, appliances, telephones, car audio systems.

Against the backdrop of more frequent thefts from shops and cars in the past six months, the district Security Police Department intensively investigated each case, collecting information. Dozens of surveillance videos, cross-examinations, and fingerprints helped build a complete picture of the gang’s activities and prepare for its arrest.

Members of the criminal gang committed theft of tools (compressors, drills, etc.), mobile phones and laptops, TVs and audio systems. The area of ​​​​their operations from July 2021 to January 2022 – Harokopu, Andromakhis, Panagi Tsaldari and others.

In December, they committed a robbery – the owner of one of the shops found them near his establishment with stolen goods. In response to an attempt to detain them, the robbers beat him and fled.

The loot was delivered to the 32-year-old gang leader, who sold it through his distribution channels. Many things were later found at his house during a search. The last day of activity of the gypsy gang was Wednesday, January 26th.

On this day, the owner of the store discovered that intruders had climbed into it. In search of criminals, he went outside and saw two people getting out of the window of a nearby abandoned apartment. They managed to escape, but in the room the man found a lot of things stolen from him earlier that day.

He called the Kallithea security service, whose employees were already planning the arrest of the gang and knew the addresses of its members. One of them, 18, lived with his mother in a house on the first floor, the leader of the gang lived in the building opposite. The first police detained when he was leaving the house. During a search, electronic devices and expensive tools were found and confiscated from him. In the apartment of the leader – electrical appliances, tools, scrap metal. Then, in the presence of the prosecutor, law enforcement officers conducted searches in two more houses that served as warehouses for the loot.

Two members of the group, gypsies aged 18 and 19, had previously been repeatedly detained, and last year appeared twice in the criminal cases of the Athens Security Directorate – for theft and creating a gang. The 18-year-old offender was taken to the investigator today. The 19-year-old and two other members of the gang, as well as its leader, have been put on the wanted list. Warrants are pending for their arrest.

The investigation is ongoing, the police are checking the involvement of members of the group in other crimes.

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