96-year-old woman received a water bill for 15,622 euros

Just a few days after the complaint of an 82-year-old woman who almost fainted when she saw the amount of 18,130 euros on the bill sent to her by ΕΥΔΑΠ (municipal water supply organization), a new complaint arrived, which caused outrage, shock and many questions.

According to the family of a 92-year-old woman, she received a water bill in January with a debt of 15,622 for a small and non-residential apartment!

“On September 13, we discovered that the water was turned off without warning in an empty apartment of 49 square meters. And we immediately called ΕΥΔΑΠ, where we were told that we needed to call a plumber to sort out the problem of water supply on site. The specialist explained that there seemed to be a leak, and we had to make a new contract with ΕΥΔΑΠ, and the old water meter needed to be replaced. Which is what we did. A day or two later, we found a notice from EYDAP.

On September 21, water supply was restored. The next day after the installation of the meter, the masters of ΕΥΔΑΠ arrived and there was no water in the apartment building for several hours. There were no other bills, but in January a notice came of a debt of 15,622.64 euros,” the old woman’s family complains.

In fact, the water pipes in the 92-year-old elderly woman’s apartment reportedly leaked water at exactly the same time as the 82-year-old’s home. “Coincidentally, this apartment also belongs to an elderly lady, our 96-year-old aunt,” relatives said. Now the stunned Athenians are thinking how they can “resolve” the situation and write off the debt (that is, to prove that they are not personally to blame for the fact that the water supply system was broken and there was a water leak).

PS Alas, some of my friends had a similar situation. No one knew why a stream of water flows down the street at the height of summer. They started calling ΕΥΔΑΠ to report the leak. At the same time, no one knew where the water was flowing from. The employees of the municipal water utility arrived only after a rather long time (3 months, about that). And fixed the leak. And then my friends received a bill for 6,000 euros. And they were given installments and forced to pay! Like this….


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