Tsipras filed a vote of no confidence in the government

“Leave because the citizens don’t need you, the society doesn’t need you, the country doesn’t deserve such a decline,” the leader of the main opposition party, Alexis Tsipras, said harshly in the Greek Parliament today.

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras filed a vote of no confidence in the government at today’s meeting of the Greek Parliament, sternly declaring that it must go: “Go away, because the citizens do not need you, the society does not need you, the country does not deserve such a decline.”

The leader of the main opposition party said: “I am asking for the floor today because, as you know, bad weather completely covered the headquarters of Mr. Mitsotakis with snow, leaving thousands of citizens at the mercy of the weather, leaving them in trouble and without electricity even today. Without help, without the hope that their calls for help will ever reach the prime minister’s ears, and also buried the last delusions that this prime minister and this government have the will and ability to learn from their mistakes, adopted methods from the oligarchs their policies and ideologies.

“The blizzard has buried the last illusions that Mr. Mitsotakis is able to learn from his mistakes and delays, as well as from the dramatic results of his ideology,” Tsipras told parliament.

Today I asked for the floor, because every day when the government is in power, four or five of our fellow citizens die. Every day our brethren are lost who could have been saved if the national health system had been strengthened two years ago. 23,000 people are missing. Our country is the worst in Europe in terms of deaths per million population, and this is a tragic account, an ongoing crime that no one can hide.

I asked for an extraordinary speech today because the government and the prime minister, who do not believe in the state and what the state should, when the public interest requires it, intervene in the market, refuse to listen, refuse to understand, refuse to feel, refuse to take action allowed profiteering and ruining the lives of thousands of families.”

Tsipras said the government has failed in all emergencies over the past few years, such as the wildfires that devastated parts of Attica and Evia last summer, the pandemic, the snowstorms this week and last winter. He also added an uncontrolled rise in prices for essential goods and energy.

Leader Syriza continued: “Today, I asked for the floor because the deterioration of Mr. Mitsotakis and the corruption of the state, which has become endemic, are spreading throughout the state and undermine, corrode and neutralize any ability of the state mechanism to work. Because bribery, unworthiness, provocative rewarding of blue golden boys, squandering public money without any shame and without any conscience is rapidly leading society to insecurity, anger, decay and economic abyss.

For Mr. Mitsotakis, it’s always someone else’s fault. And today I asked for the floor because it is no longer possible to safely accept a New Democracy government and because we have an obligation to a desperate and angry people to bring about political change. And so I consider it my duty to raise this issue before the Greek people and Parliament. I believe that this government should go as soon as possible. The faster the better.

Leave because you continue to cost the Greek people too much, and not just in lives. Leave because the citizens do not need you, the society does not need you, the country does not deserve such a decline. For all these reasons, I asked to speak today. Submit a vote of no confidence on behalf of the SYRIZA parliamentary group against the worst government I know of since the dictatorship. Because it’s time to leave. There are no dead ends in a democracy. As for us, we will do everything in our power that belongs to us both in parliament and in the public struggle to secure a democratic solution.”

In conclusion, Alexis Tsipras said: “We call on all social and political forces that stand for democracy and progress to take part in this great battle to liberate the country from the Mitsotakis regime. We call on every citizen to join our fight for the return of democratic normality, for the return of security and constant care for every citizen, for the return of social justice, the welfare state, public health and education, for the return of security and freedom. Freedom and security in this country is what we deserve.”

Tsipras submitted a vote of no confidence just a day after calling on the prime minister to call an early election due to his inability to deal with a snow storm that has left thousands stranded on Athens’ main roads for hours and left more than 200,000 households homeless. electricity and heating at temperatures close to zero.

According to parliamentary procedures, discussion of the vote of no confidence will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday and will last until Sunday evening, when the vote takes place.

It is worth noting that there cannot be another no-confidence vote before the expiration of six months. For a vote of no confidence and the overthrow of the government, 151 votes are needed.

Since the ND government has an overwhelming majority in parliament, 157 out of 300 seats, SYRIZA has little chance of bringing the government down, and knows it. However, it can unite the opposition parties, which have a total of 143 seats, to take a common position and force its rival KINAL/PASOK to change its position.


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