Subsidies for electricity and gas in February

The electricity and gas subsidies were announced in February by Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, adding that €590 million would be made available immediately to create 50,000 new jobs through the OAED.

Analyzing the government’s initiative to support the population, the official said that in January the Ministry of Finance allocated 400 million euros for a subsidy for electricity and gas, noting that this amount will not cover all of the increase in energy costs, but only a part.

“Due to the energy crisis, we are covering part of the cost increase. This will also be done in February. As much money as needed will be allocated,” he said.

The finance minister added that there would be a second increase in the minimum wage in May. He also said that 590 million euros will be allocated immediately to create 50,000 new jobs through the OAED.

As a government spokesman explained, the consequences of all crises in the country, such as in health, energy and even in overcoming the consequences of natural disasters, ultimately hit the pockets of ordinary citizens, and the government must have a plan to resolve the situation.

“There is a constant improvement in the disposable income of a citizen. In the first nine months of 2021, disposable income increased by 3.5 billion euros compared to 2019, according to ELSTAT.

This means that the state, through the tax cuts it has implemented and the measures it has taken, has helped increase the income of citizens. Today, some of these revenues have been “eaten up” by inflation. Therefore, we must continue to cut taxes,” the minister said.

In this context, he again cited the government’s plan for a larger reduction in corporate tax to 22%, a larger reduction in ENFIA of 60-70 million euros, and the abolition of the solidarity contribution for private sector workers.


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