March 31, 2023

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Panic in Pagrati due to gas leak

According to the fire brigade, on Thursday, immediately after 2 days, a call was received about a gas leak in the Pagrati district of the capital, after which five pieces of equipment and 15 firefighters, as well as police officers, urgently arrived at the scene of the accident.

After it became clear that there was no serious danger, Vassilis Papageorgiou, Secretary General of Civil Protection, arrived at the scene of the accident “to obtain detailed information about the problem and agree on actions to provide any assistance to the evacuated residents.”

The head of the Greek police, Lieutenant General Michalis Karamalakis, also arrived at the scene to “get a complete picture and coordinate the work of the police,” who were pretty scared after Incident at Syngrou Avenue 3.

According to police, the alarm came after a passer-by saw water gushing from under the pavement, which contained bubbles and a strong smell of gas. The frightened woman called 112.

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The leak occurred at the intersection of Pirrou and Eneu streets, in Pagrati, and during the elimination of the leak, the fire brigade and competent brigades stopped traffic on Filolaou street at the level of Frini and Iliados streets.

The area was cordoned off by the police, and a total of 27 residents were evicted from three apartment buildings near the leak.

As it turned out later, the cause of the gas leak was a water pipe failure, which destroyed the gas pipe. According to the latest information, the situation is under control after the EYDAP and EDA teams eliminated the incident and repaired the pipelines.


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