February 8, 2023

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On February 4, at Megaro Musicis, a concert by the State Orchestra of Athens

The main concert hall of the capital “Megaro Music” from Monday restores its work. On February 4, there will be a concert by KOA – the State Orchestra of Athens.

The concert starts on February 4, 2022 at 20:30.

At 19:30 opening speech by Charalambos Gogios.

CONCERT HALL Christos Lambrakis.

In a programme:

ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810–1856) Piano Concerto in A minor, work 54. ANTON BROKNER (1824–1896) SYMPHONY No. 6.

SOLOIST Jean-Louis Steyermann, piano.

Conductor Lukas Karitinos.

Entrance is only for holders of vaccination certificates and people who have recovered from coronavirus with certificates.

Phone for inquiries: 2107282333. Tickets can be bought on the Megaro Musicis website.

Ticket prices: 50 €, 42 €, 36 €, 28 €, 22 €, 14 € and 9 € (reduced).

You can order tickets at link


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