Greece: free home delivery of coronavirus pills

Home delivery of anti-Covid-19 pills will start next week, said Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga in the context of a regular press conference on 27 January.

“People with a positive rapid or PCR test can apply, EODY will contact the patient and the medication will be delivered to the patient at home,” Ms Gaga said.

“Forced long stays at home due to bad weather will lead to a decrease in the incidence in the near future,” said Professor Vana Papaevangelou, reporting that there are currently 150,000 active cases.

She noted that Omicron has dominated and recently seen a 12% drop in new admissions, “yesterday, fewer than 400 patients were hospitalized across the country.”

The professor also reported a slight de-escalation in the number of intubated patients, while the average number of deaths from coronavirus is 96 deaths per day. “The ‘tough numbers in the coming weeks’ are expected to come down,” Papaevangelou said, stressing that the number will fluctuate between 550 and 600. “The coronavirus has come for a long time, it looks like we are entering a stabilization phase,” she concluded.

For his part, Associate Professor Gikas Maiorkinis spoke of “the possibility that due to bad weather, people did not take tests.” And then he assessed that “we will gradually move to the so-called post-pandemic stage”, calling, however, for the vaccination of the entire population with all possible doses.

“We are seeing a de-escalation, we will continue to wear masks, but little by little we will start to live a little more freely,” Ms. Papaevangelou said, answering a topical question. Both Ms Gaga and Papaevangelou stressed that more than 90% of deaths are in older people with comorbidities or who are unvaccinated.

“Omicron is not a common cold,” Ms. Papaevangelou noted, while Ms. Gaga reiterated that “some people are bound to get seriously ill. People who are not vaccinated and are over 60 are at risk every day.”

“There are definitely deaths from Omicron,” Mr Majorkinis said.

Easing measures

The Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, announced the restoration of the music permit and the removal of restrictions on working hours in the field of catering and entertainment. However, according to him, this remains relevant for indoor seating. As for the occupancy of stadiums and sports facilities, it remained the same (10%), but the figure will be revised next week.

In addition, as bad weather has made it impossible for many to get vaccinated, vaccination certificates for those who expired these days and specifically before January 31st will expire by February 7th.

Mr Plevris said the committee had proposed a de-escalation of measures and the government has accepted it as cases have been declining recently and pressure on the national health system, while remaining, shows that admission/discharge balances in hospitals are not worrisome.


According to the National Public Health Organization (EODY), the number of new cases of coronavirus over the past day is 19,712. Today, Thursday, January 27, 2022, 112 deaths were announced, 633 patients were hospitalized in intensive care units (ICUs).


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