Digital Work Card

The digital work map is turning from a “dream” into reality, said Labor and Social Policy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.

The Minister held the first meeting with the project team on the implementation of the digital work card. The meeting was attended by the General Secretary for Labor, Ms. Anna Stratinaki, who is coordinating the project, and the heads of the contractor company OTE, as well as subcontractors “01 Solutions” and “Ogilvy”.

The meeting discussed the implementation of the digital map. As a result, the following decision was made: in June 2022, its implementation will begin in the banking sector and supermarkets, and then it will be extended to all sectors (large and small companies).

Following the meeting, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis issued the following statement: “The Digital Work Card, the most important reform of the new labor law, begins with a dream come true. This project has started and will move quickly as it is a top priority for the Department of Labor and the Government.

So, from June 2022, first of all, employees of the financial sector and supermarkets will receive a digital work card. The digital card is a modern and practical mechanism for respecting the rights of employees, especially their working hours.

“The digital map is a key measure of social justice and transparency, which will deal an effective blow to declared and undeclared work,” the minister said.

Secretary General of Labor Anna Stratinaki made the following statement: “The digital work card is the flagship of labor market reforms, creating a new reality, an environment for the safety of employees and the protection of their rights. This will deal a significant blow to undeclared work.

Thus, the new independent body SEPE is protected by this innovative tool for the fast and efficient operation of the control mechanism.

Our concern is the protection and support of workers’ rights. Our goal is to reduce bureaucracy and simplify procedures. Our goal is to fight labor fraud and tax evasion.”


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