March 31, 2023

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Explosion on Siggra: one of the versions is a gas leak

After the explosion at 7 am, the affected section of Siggro Avenue resembles the landscape of military operations:

damaged facades of houses, broken windows, fragments of furniture and a burned-out taxi passing at the moment explosion along the avenue. Fortunately, the driver of the car was not injured, but was in shock.

At first, residents of neighboring houses heard a loud bang and the sound of broken glass. And not only those who live nearby – the explosion was heard even in Kalamaki! After that, a fire broke out: first in an office building at Siggra, 3, then it spread to neighboring residential high-rise buildings – at Siggra, 1 and Siggra, 5. It took the fire brigade an hour to put out the fire. 18 firefighters in 6 vehicles fought the fire using a special ladder.

At present, the causes of the explosion are still unknown, but a gas leak is the most likely scenario. Sources at the Ministry of Civil Protection say they are waiting for the end of the fire service to investigate the causes in the building.

As a result of the incident, a 78-year-old man was injured, who, according to available information, was taken to the outpatient department of the surgical department of the People’s Hospital and immediately taken to the operating room. An elderly man has injuries of the upper and lower extremities, burns. Two more people had problems with carbon monoxide poisoning. Eyewitnesses say:

“The building we live in was rocked by an explosion. I went to the window and saw smoke from Syggrou. As I saw on TV, nearby houses also caught fire. The fire brigade arrived very quickly. Now it seems that the smoke has fallen. The explosion was very strong.”

Another witness says:

“I was in the alley opposite when there was a loud explosion. I came and saw a building that caught fire on the first floor. There were no people around at the time.”

It was quite “uncomfortable” at that moment for the residents of neighboring houses. One of them says:

“I heard a deafening noise and saw a big light coming into my apartment.”


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