bad "Hope": how schools, kindergartens, civil servants and shops will work on Thursday and Friday

Government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou made announcements that schools at all levels, incl. the private and public sector, courts, vaccination centers and public services will be closed on Thursday and Friday after the serious problems brought by Cyclone Elpida (Hope).

What applies to the region of Attica and Crete

Tomorrow Thursday, January 27, and the next day on Friday, January 28, after consultation with the regions, schools will work remotely with e-learning (unless, of course, electricity and the Internet have already been restored in your house). On Thursday, January 27, and the next day on Friday, January 28, kindergartens and nurseries, creative employment centers for children, creative employment centers for people with disabilities, and kindergartens will be closed. On Thursday, January 27, private sector telecommuting is strongly encouraged where possible, while telecommuting will be implemented for government employees based on service needs and any access issues. On January 27 and 28, the courts will not work. January 27, shops can be open from 10.00 to 18.00. January 27, delivery services and courier services do not work. On January 27, planned vaccinations for children will not be carried out at the Prometheus Mega Vaccination Center and the Pentelis Children’s Hospital. The remaining vaccinations for children, as well as vaccinations for adults, will be given as usual. For those who did not come to the appointment, SMS will be sent anyway for a new appointment.

Employees working in the private and public sector

Remote work will apply tomorrow, Thursday, January 27, in the public and private sector, as the holiday regime will not be extended third day in a row, according to which the activities of enterprises in some parts of the country were suspended on Tuesday and Wednesday due to bad weather.

The hours of operation that will apply for tomorrow are as follows:

remote work for government employees Strong recommendation for remote work in the private sector

In fact, this is the model that was originally decided to apply for Tuesday, however, the intensity of the snow cover, as well as the slow melting of snow, changed the plans of the authorities, we were forced to suspend work in areas that were in the area most affected by Cyclone Elpida.

What measures will be applied to the private sector

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare strongly encourages all private companies to work remotely whenever possible.

Otherwise, previous announcements about companies’ obligations and employees’ rights to act in these emergencies will apply.

work at home

Regarding civil servants, the Ministry of the Interior released a statement saying that employees will work remotely tomorrow.

Specifically, the relevant announcement reads as follows:

“The Ministry of the Interior, taking into account the difficulties with transportation due to heavy snowfall and prioritizing the health of the population, has decided to resume the provision of public sector services, which remained suspended in previous days, under certain parameters and conditions.

In particular, on Thursday 01/27/2022:

It is highly recommended that you use the remote work feature to avoid traveling as much as possible. Therefore, competent managers are urged to inform their workers in a timely manner so that they do not move to the place of work, as well as their obligation to carry out their duties remotely, if this is in accordance with the nature and their duties. Those workers who are not able to perform their duties remotely are strongly advised to move to the place of work in safe conditions, i.e. even if they arrive later than the indicated time, without any adverse consequences, in which case, due to force majeure, the delay in their arrival will be considered reasonable. In the event that the provision of remote work is not possible due to the nature of the duties performed, as well as the presence of employees at the headquarters of their Service is objectively impossible due to the consequences of adverse weather conditions, the absence of such employees will be excused for reasons of force majeure.

Therefore, they ask the managers responsible for preparing the work plan for tomorrow to inform their employees about the way to ensure their work, in each case offering remote work, as well as the rationale for their lateness. Employees are obliged to timely inform the relevant chiefs of staff in case of objective impossibility of attendance.

In addition, the heads of each service are requested to ensure that citizens are kept informed in any appropriate way and in any case through their websites about the work of their services, especially in cases of services whose main responsibility is to serve the public after scheduled meetings.

The foregoing does not apply to employees of modern services, whose duties are directly or indirectly related to the elimination and elimination of the consequences of adverse weather conditions.

What the Ministry of Labor said

The following message was issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security:

As part of measures to ensure the health of the population and the smooth resumption of economic activity in the areas of the country that found themselves in the focus of Cyclone Elpida, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs reports the following:

In addition to the units that have been operating on the previous days – and obviously will continue to operate – for all other sectors that will reopen from tomorrow, where possible, and taking into account the nature of the work in each case, the application of remote work in private companies are recommended to the maximum extent possible and by agreement between employer and employee. This recommendation applies more to those companies that have used remote work extensively in the past. Finally, with regard to the rights of workers and the obligations of companies in areas affected by the storm, it is emphasized that the announcements of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs published in the previous days are valid. .

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