Stuck in a traffic jam on Attiki Odos, the driver left a note and left, leaving the car

Testimonies of survivors of a real thriller of drivers who found themselves “locked” in a traffic jam on Attiki Odos during a snowfall brought by bad weather to Elpis are horrific.

The driver of the car, who had been sitting in the car for 12 hours (!), left, leaving the car right on the roadway. A note pasted on the windshield of the car read: “There is no hope that we will be rescued from here.”

Golgotha ​​began for many yesterday early in the morning and continued throughout the day and also into the night for those who did not abandon their vehicles.

On the other hand, after a long pointless wait, in the midst of heavy snowfall and polar cold, many owners decided to leave their cars and look for a way to save themselves. However, about 1200 cars are still without traffic on Attiki Odos.

Among the drivers who abandoned their cars was Vivi, who, heading towards Pallini, got stuck in a tunnel at Attiki Odos, near the Imittos and Doukissis Plakentias exit. As she describes in a conversation with, her suffering began around 13:00 in the afternoon and continued until 12:30 at night, when she finally got out of the car, leaving a note.

“What we experienced cannot be described in words. No one came to offer us food or water and we had absolutely no information. We were desperate, we didn’t know what to do. The Attica Odos line was constantly busy as we tried unsuccessfully to get through there. I never got through to anyone (official authorities). But I didn’t call the police because I heard people around me screaming. As soon as I realized that there was no hope that they would let us out of here until the snow melted, I thought that it would be right to drop everything and leave. Luckily my friend came in a jeep and picked me up. Otherwise, I would still be there,” says Vivi, talking about what she had to endure.

According to, Attiki Odos will pay compensation in the amount of 2,000 euros to each driver who has fallen into the trap, at the request of Mitsotakis.

Vivi also explained that conditions were even more difficult for those trapped with old people or young children. “I have two kids and it was unthinkable to see people looking for a place to urinate. The children were crying, hungry and cold,” she added.

However, as she stressed, there is no information yet on when and how she will pick up her car.


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