"missing" prime minister and 2,000 compensation – reaction

Both the “disappearance” of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and rumors of forthcoming compensation for drivers and passengers of cars stuck in the snow that suffered at Attiki Odos provoked a furious reaction. What was it? Criminal negligence or banal incompetence?

Representatives of political parties unleashed furious anger on the prime minister and the government. SYRIZA representative Nassos Iliopoulos declares indignantly:

“The absurdity of the missing K. Mitsotakis goes off scale and exceeds all limits. There is only one person to blame for the unprecedented suffering of citizens, in a pre-announced bad weather: Mr. Mitsotakis.”

SYRIZA Representative Statement:

The absurdity of the missing K. Mitsotakis goes beyond all limits. Addicted to communications management, he announces reparations to those trapped on Attiki Odos. Who will compensate the thousands of citizens stuck for endless hours in Mesogion, Kifisia, Marathon and dozens of other roads? Who will pay compensation to hundreds of passengers stuck on trains? Who will compensate the townspeople who continue to be left without electricity and heating?
Let Mr. Mitsotakis leave the communication show and try to bring order to the chaos he has created. This is what Greek society expects. And then a solid apology to society awaits him for his self-satisfied assurances of readiness, bogged down in the mire of real life. The unprecedented suffering of the townspeople in a pre-announced bad weather is blamed on only one person: Mr. Mitsotakis.”

Kyriakos Velopoulos, in turn, demands the return of the Attica Odos national road to the state and the payment of compensation to the victims, as well as the imposition of responsibility on all those responsible for what happened. Hellenic’s president said in a statement:

“With a delay of 12 hours, the prime minister copied our proposal and“ demanded ”from Attika Odos financial compensation to drivers for the suffering they had endured. This is, of course, a hypocritical argument, because at the same time, instead of returning the golden road when the concession expires, the government is preparing to cede it for another 25 years. We demand the return of Attiki Odos and its hundreds of millions of revenues directly to the state, calling on SYRIZA and KINAL to take a clear stand that goes beyond “crocodile tears”. “Omerta” ND, SYRIZA and KINAL, which offer services to illegal interests contrary to the public interest, should be violated.

In addition, outside of Attica Odos, tens of thousands of drivers were trapped on “public” highways such as Mesogion Avenue, Katehaki, Kifissias, Athens Avenue, Kifissos Avenue, and Greece was cut in half. Passengers were stuck on the train for 18 hours without food or water. Citizens were left in the middle of the road due to interruptions in public transport. Thousands of passengers were stuck at the country’s largest airport as they were unable to move around.

Who compensates these people? Is he “guilty” of these public roads and infrastructure? “Bad weather” or their criminal incompetence? Who will compensate the thousands of families left without electricity in the polar cold, while the blue golden boys give themselves bonuses in the so-called “private checkpoint”? Hellenic Solution will strive to take full responsibility in all directions. As well as appropriate compensation to every Greek citizen who testifies about the non-existence of an irresponsible state and a dangerous government.

MERA25 spokesman Michalis Kritaridis was also extremely blunt:

“We are expecting more than 2,000 from the prime minister for every car stuck on Attiki Odos in order to demand financial compensation for those stuck on Katehaki, Mesogion, Alexandras, Marathon, Kifisia, Athens-Lamia and Athens-Corinth, even if this is his “state state” with state parasitic oligarchs or without them. In addition, we expect compensation for those who were trapped for hours on trains, in Οινόη and elsewhere, or suffered an accident (collision) from a snowplow that was supposed to come. We are waiting for compensation from the airport, handed over to the parasitic oligarchs El. Venizelos, because of which people slept on the floor, in cages, on army blankets. Finally, we expect compensation for those who, in half of Attica or the Aegean islands, were left without electricity from privatized energy infrastructure, thanks to the “maintenance” of the network by the magic hand of the market – do not scare the government.”


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