General holiday on Wednesday, January 26, announced by the country’s authorities

It is officially announced that tomorrow, Wednesday 26.01, Elpis is a day off due to bad weather. Endless problems and incredible difficulties in movement do not allow citizens to go to work.

At an emergency briefing, Climate Change and Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides said that the general holiday in Attica, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and Crete would be extended in the public and private sectors. Mr. Stylianidis also added that Eleftherios Venizelos airport is operating as usual and is accessible via the suburban and highway Vari-Koropi.

In conclusion, the official stressed that civil protection will provide two helicopters to identify problems with the power supply. Recall that in conditions of sub-zero temperatures, thousands of households in the northern part of Attica are left without electricity for almost 14 hours and, accordingly, without heating.

The current situation is reminiscent of last year’s cyclone “Medea”, when electricity was cut off for almost a week… Residents are in despair, because in addition to the cold in their homes there are many people who have health problems, and their medical life support devices are turned off. Because their lives are in danger.

Day off and wages

In accordance with what applies to days that are compulsory holidays (Γενική αργία), the work of employees and the activities of companies is prohibited. It is also not legal to set off the due day of rest during the period of mandatory vacation (reducing vacation by 1 day is illegal).

Employees have the right:

1. Those who receive daily wages (ημερομίσθιο) shall be paid the regular amount and a supplement of 75%, which will be calculated on their lawful hourly wage for the number of hours they work.

2. If employees are paid monthly wages:
a) In the case of employees of companies that are normally closed on Sundays and public holidays and are now forced to go to work urgently, employees are entitled to 1/25 of their 2-days normally paid wages and an additional 75% increase on the official salary for all hours which they have worked.
b) if these are companies that legally work on Sundays and other holidays by law, then only a 75% allowance is due, calculated at the rate of 1/25 of their legal wages for as many hours as they work.


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