A tragedy on a national scale, the causes and consequences of which have yet to be clarified

As it turned out, our country, or rather the authorities, turned out to be completely unprepared for the generally expected aggression of the weather – winter after all … But the claims of the head of POEDIN are simply horrifying.

Michalis Giannakos spoke to the Open about the bad weather situation and they are shocking. The first snowplow appeared near the hospital on duty at 8 o’clock (!) In the evening. The inability to provide first aid to children by the Παίδων Πεντέλης hospital, which was closed, can be safely called not only a flagrant fact, but also a crime.

The number of patients who needed professional help is unknown – the ambulance simply could not get to the place where the doctor was called. And the sick in Sotiria had to experience the pangs of hunger – all day the food truck could not get there, and only in the late afternoon did they manage to eat.

At several hospitals, Mr. Yannakos said, employees are starting their 4th shift in a row this morning as those who have to change shifts can’t get to work. And what kind of help can patients get from tired and exhausted doctors?

The scale of the tragedy that has unfolded in a European civilized country in recent hours is yet to be ascertained. But this will definitely be done, and the officials responsible for what happened will be called to account for their criminal inactivity.


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