Train number 54 Athens-Thessaloniki collided with shunting diesel locomotive, there are injured

According to the Greek Railway Service, at about 20:00 on Monday, a maneuverable diesel locomotive collided with passenger train No. 54 of Athens-Thessaloniki, which led to injuries to several people.

On Monday, at about 15:00, train No. 54 Athens-Thessaloniki got stuck on the stretch between the Livadia and Tiforei stations due to engine problems (according to other sources, due to a power outage). According to LamiaReport, a shunting diesel locomotive was called from the Inois station to tow the train to the nearest station.

According to the publication, the train stood for about 5 hours on the haul between stations without electricity and heating in the cold.

After 5 hours (!), at 20:00, help arrived at the stuck train. However, when they tried to hitch the diesel locomotive to the train, due to a driver’s error in choosing a speed associated with poor visibility, it crashed into the rear car, as a result of which the driver, a railway worker and several passengers were injured.

Firefighters from Livadia and Amfiklia have already arrived in the area, as well as a brigade of 7 EMAKs from Lamia is on the way.

At the time of publication, it is known that the train will be towed to the nearest station to provide first aid to passengers and injured.


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