July 16, 2024

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The prosecutor intervenes in the chaos at Attiki Odos

Responsibility for obstructing the traffic will be assigned to the management of the company Attiki Odos, where the drivers are stuck for 6 hours! A preliminary investigation into the case of obstructing the passage of vehicles is being conducted by the head of the Athenian prosecutor’s office, Sotiria Papageorgakopoulou, ERT reports. The investigation will be led by the head of criminal prosecution, Antonis Eleftherianos. Finding the Blame Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianidis has asked the Prime Minister to take responsibility for traffic jams in Attiki Odos, as he said at an emergency briefing on the Elpis situation. Mr. Stylianidis apologized to the victims and said that an attempt was being made to free them from the congestion at Attiki Odos. He added that if the management company worked properly, we would not be facing a problem now. He also said that there are few problems with power outages, and they were solved, mainly on the island of Evia. At the same time, he stressed that efforts are being made to keep the Athens-Thessaloniki national road open. According to Mr. Stylianidis, the road management company has managed to get traffic flowing normally on the road, although he has stated in meetings that they will have enough technical means to do so. “The biggest problem with Attica is Odos. Despite the great efforts of the rescue service (in Greece, this is the responsibility of the fire department) and the traffic police, the Attiki Odos company was unable to ensure normal traffic on the road. In the meetings that preceded the previous days, they declared that they were fully prepared for the coming weather disasters in order to keep the road open. The responsibility for the situation should be placed on Attiki Odos, I will suggest this to the Prime Minister,” he said. “I was trapped on Attiki Odos for 6 hours.” Mega.

“What is happening is unacceptable. I have been trapped since 11:15 at Attiki Odos. After a while it will be six hours since I’m stuck here. No one showed up, we stopped and waited. It’s a tragedy,” he said.

He complained that traffic on the road stopped when there was only five centimeters of snow! “They don’t know what’s going on either,” he added, blaming those responsible for the unprecedented scenes of chaos and suffering.

“High traffic early in the morning makes clearing snow difficult, especially with trucks all the way. In fact, at the level of Gerakas, the road was blocked by trucks, which closed it in both traffic flows. As a result of this situation, snowplows cannot pass, run in reverse, which leads to a delay in passage, and the ongoing snowfall exacerbates these problems,” Attiki Odos said in a statement.

For 70 km of Attica Odos, there are 35 snowplows, or one for every two kilometers, and there is enough salt. We express our regret about the situation and the inconvenience of the drivers, while noting that the tolls for today are canceled by the decision of the company.

As we reported earlier, cyclone Elpida hit the capital district of Attica today. At the time of writing, it was known about the fall (depending on the area) from 15 to 40 centimeters of snow. And if in coastal areas it immediately began to melt, then from a level of 150 meters above sea level and above, a dense snow cover was established, preventing the movement of both people and vehicles. .

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