Tell "Not!" home delivery

Bad weather Elpis has hit the country since early morning, preventing many citizens from getting to work and carrying out their professional duties.

In Greece, there is rarely weather with heavy snowfalls, and one can say that its inhabitants are not at all accustomed to such conditions of life, which are very complicated those few days of the year when “winter is outside” and “not to drive, not to pass.”

In any case, the snow and ice that form on the road are dangerous for each of us, so it is recommended to move (leave the house) only if absolutely necessary.

However, there are guys whose work is such that it forces them to be on the road all day, exposed to all sorts of dangers, despite the rain and snow. These are the food vendors.

Couriers are said to be doing “a lot of social work,” especially in the last two years of the pandemic, delivering meals to the homes of people who have not been able to leave their apartment.

Today, when it’s snowing outside, the city authorities are convincingly asking citizens to “think about their safety and not put their lives at risk”, brave guys, just because we wanted something tasty or too lazy to make coffee at home.

Even though almost all food service establishments offer the possibility of ordering even during these difficult weather days, we should think twice before calling them.

The video was made during the previous cyclone “Medea”.


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