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Georgios Georgantas spoke about the progress of vaccination in the country, as well as new actions of the Digital Government Ministry.

“Greece is now at the European average in terms of vaccinations of citizens against coronavirus, and in terms of vaccination with the third dose, it is in first place,” the Deputy Minister of Digital Government said on ANT1.

According to G. Georgantas, 81% of adults in Greece are currently vaccinated, including 78% with the so-called “booster” dose.

Regarding unvaccinated citizens over 60, Mr. Georgantas said that from the day the fine of 100 euros per month was announced until January 16, 223,000 citizens were vaccinated.

According to the Deputy Minister of the Digital Government, from Monday to Friday, when the penalties came into force, 15,000 citizens over 65 were vaccinated in 5 days. The official added that at the end of the month there will be a clear picture of how many unvaccinated citizens there are in the country, as those who are sick and cannot be vaccinated have been excluded, and also await the decision of the committees of individuals who ask for an exemption from vaccination.

At the end of March, a driver’s license will be valid on our mobile phone

Regarding the actions of the Ministry of Digital Government, Mr. Georgantas said that “at the end of March, we expect that a driver’s license will be available for use (presentation) on our mobile phone. But before that, an identity card (tautotita) can be transferred to a mobile phone for any legal use.

“Today we only have an extract from an identity card to confirm vaccination certificates, at the end of March it will be for all occasions.”

However, Mr. Georgantas added that “the issuance of new identity cards (in the normal form) is also progressing and it will take some time.”


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