The seller found 5,000 euros in the market

A hefty bundle of banknotes totaling €5,000 in fifty euro banknotes was found yesterday morning, Thursday, January 20, by a professional saleswoman, a street market worker in Papagu, Ellispontou Street.

According to her, she found a bundle in someone’s discarded used clothes and immediately handed over the find to the police.

Ms. Aleka, a public market vendor, told ANT1 that she “didn’t doubt for a moment whether to keep the money or not, and immediately decided to take it to the police” because, as she said, “it’s not in my rules to appropriate someone else’s.”

The package with the money was handed over to the police, but so far the owner of the money has not declared himself.

If during the next year the find is not in demand, then they will be transferred to the Deposit Fund.


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