Man choked on food and now demands compensation from the hospital for 300 thousand euros

A lawsuit against the doctors of the Rhodes hospital was filed by a Briton who was vacationing in Greece, and with whom a very unpleasant incident happened.

On April 14, 2022, yesterday, the Rhodes Administrative Court of First Instance, composed of three members, adjourned the case filed against the Rhodes Hospital by a British citizen. In his lawsuit, he seeks monetary compensation in the amount of 300,000 euros for the damage caused to him by doctors.

Course of events

A 55-year-old foreigner in 2015 decided to spend his summer holidays in Greece with his wife and two daughters. The family arrived by plane in Rhodes on June 27, 2015, where they planned to stay until July 4.

However, unfortunately, their vacation days were full of unpleasant surprises.

June 29, 2015 in a restaurant in Rhodes, during a meal, the Briton choked. A piece of pork stuck in his throat. From that moment on, the man began to experience discomfort. In vain he tried to cope with the problem by trying to drink water. The Briton had no breathing problems, but every time he tried to drink or eat something, he could not swallow. Neither water nor food could cross the “barrier” that seemed to be created by the piece of meat wedged in the esophagus.

Realizing that the problem would not disappear on its own, the next morning the foreigner went to the General Hospital of Rhodes “Andreas G. Papandreou” to undergo the necessary examinations and receive appropriate treatment. After a long wait, he was first examined by an otolaryngologist, who then referred the man to a gastroenterologist.

After informing the doctor about the symptoms, the patient was told that he needed to undergo an endoscopy to determine what exactly was causing the problem. The Briton, in turn, agreed to the procedure.

When he entered the endoscopy room, the doctor gave his wife a piece of paper and asked her to sign it. Since she could not understand the contents of the document in Greek, the gastroenterologist informed her that it was a consent form for an endoscopy and that she should sign the document in a “purely formal way”.

So, the woman signed the paper and began to wait for her husband near the office where the procedure was carried out.

According to the Briton, the introduction of the endoscope caused him to vomit, as a result of which another doctor, an anesthetist, gave him general anesthesia.

After the procedure, a doctor came out to his wife and told her that they found a “foreign object”, and trying to remove it, they accidentally damaged (torn) the esophagus.

His shock, as the Briton describes his condition, was huge, however, as it turned out, Golgotha ​​had just begun. Computed tomography confirmed rupture of the esophagus and the presence of air in the mediastinum.

The patient’s condition became extremely critical: sepsis could begin, and PAGNI did not have a bed in the intensive care unit.

According to, unexpectedly at 21:30 pm, the Briton was informed that even the hospitals in Crete were not able to finally cope with such a difficult case, and he should continue to be treated in Athens.

The patient was hospitalized at the Athens General Hospital “Korgialenio – Benakeio EES”, and on July 1, 2015, an urgent right-sided thoracotomy and esophageal suturing were performed.

The operation lasted many hours and ended successfully, after which the doctor who operated on him told the employees of the insurance company that the patient’s condition was so serious that he was barely able to “pull out of the clutches of death.”


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