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Severe beating in Argiroupoli: this is not the first aggression of the perpetrator

This afternoon, the 46-year-old fiend who maimed his 40-year-old girlfriend apologizes. As it turned out, this is not the first incident in his life.

The man is accused of severe beating and attempted murder in a calm mental state. He had been on the wanted list since last Friday, when he left the woman he had brutally beaten and fled. He himself says to the investigator:

“I hit her, but I didn’t want to send her to the hospital. We had a fight and the situation got out of hand. I didn’t expect my punches to hurt her so much. When I saw her covered in blood on the floor, I got scared and left.”

However, according to a forensic medical report, it was established that 40-year-old Olga did not just suffer from the consequences of a “strike” – she had severe head injuries, broken ribs, and multiple blows on a flat surface. In addition, traces of past beatings were found on the woman’s body.

Last Friday, noise in the couple’s apartment and the voice of a brutalized man prompted neighbors to call the police, who found the victim of domestic violence unconscious, with severe injuries. The woman is now in critical condition in the intensive care unit. To save her life, doctors performed a decompressive craniotomy immediately after Olga was admitted to a medical facility.

As the data of the preliminary investigation show, the accused of beating his partner has a “stormy” past. A few years ago, he had already resorted to violent actions against his other partners. Moreover, six years ago, in 2015, he stabbed his underage partner in Argos. The couple had a common child. However, he managed to avoid punishment by hiding, although a criminal case was initiated against him.

From the detention center of the GADA, the man who almost killed Olga in Argyroupoli threatened his ex-wife, the mother of two joint children, with whom he lived for 10 years, from 2001 to 2011: “You are next!” A relative of the woman with whom the man lived in the past speaks of his violent nature:

“Everyone who objected to him, he beat. He was usually very aggressive, and he was almost 100 kg, and I was afraid of him. The last girl, poor thing, did not know his past … “.


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