Havana syndrome: the CIA does not “see” another country behind the mysterious events

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has ruled out that the “Havana Syndrome” could be the result of a foreign government campaign, NBC News reported, citing six informed sources familiar with the agency’s assessment.

Reportedly sources channel, the CIA found convincing and plausible explanations for the so-called “Havana syndrome” in hundreds of cases. What exactly explanations were found for unusual ailments in the CIA, however, is not specified.

This is an important finding that could undermine some officials’ suspicions that Russia is responsible for the mysterious diseases that have emerged in recent years.

“We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications.”

However, the possibility remains open that a foreign power may be behind the incidents that cannot be explained by disease or other factors, the official said.

Since symptoms such as dizziness and headaches were first reported among US diplomats at the embassy in Havana in 2016, government investigations have reviewed more than 1,000 cases of “health abnormalities” described by the diplomats, the official said.

Symptoms accompanied by ringing in the ears became known as “Havana Syndrome” and have been recorded by diplomatic, military and intelligence personnel on every continent except Antarctica.

Most of these cases can be attributed to pre-existing medical or environmental factors, a senior official said. According to him, “several dozen” of them, which he called “the most serious incidents”, cannot be explained and will be further studied. “Our efforts are ongoing and we are not finished yet.”

However, another U.S. official said the list of unexplained cases was much longer than “several dozen” and noted that other investigations, including one by a panel of independent experts and government agencies, were ongoing and that they might come to different conclusions.

In this context, pressure on the Biden administration to solve the mystery is intensifying after former government officials who had symptoms accused Trump administration officials of ignoring their problem or were quick to claim that the symptoms were imaginary. .

PS In Russia, they commented on this publication briefly and succinctly – you need to have a snack …


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