The face of the stewardess was disfigured by a famous plastic surgeon

A 38-year-old flight attendant who wanted cosmetic surgery on her face with hyaluronic acid confided in a famous plastic surgeon, but as a result, she not only ruined her face, but also risked losing her eye.

The young woman suffered irreparable damage. According to the lawyer Georgios Katsaridis, who spoke on the TV channel, his client is now under the supervision of a psychiatrist, as she fell into a severe depression.

The shocking photos presented by the presenters of the program speak for themselves.

The victim of plastic surgery has repeatedly tried to contact the surgeon and his staff, but no one has contacted her. As the days passed, the young woman’s condition worsened, causing the damage to her face to become irreversible. According to her lawyer, when the plastic surgeon nevertheless got in touch, and the client asked him for an explanation, he offered to “amicably” resolve the issue by offering her an amount of 5,000 euros.

“My ward has irreversible damage and scars that cannot be repaired and bring her face back to normal. The inflammation affected the right side of the face, it may be possible to save the eye. In addition to the external manifestations of a poorly performed operation (scars, etc.), a woman cannot absorb food normally, she has to drink through a straw. She has become depressed, is under the supervision of a psychiatrist and is receiving medication,” the lawyer said, adding that the woman filed a lawsuit and seeks compensation in the amount of 850,000 euros.


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