February 3, 2023

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Broken ribs and trepanation of the skull – another victim of domestic violence

Doctors fight for the life of 40-year-old Olga, who was brutally beaten by her 46-year-old partner in Argiroupoli. The description of the injuries received by the experts is simply shocking.

According to Open, the crippled woman was sent to Evangelismos by her partner, an amateur judoka. Playing sports clearly went to him “for the benefit” – he was able to easily deal with a weak woman. Among the injuries she received were severe head injuries, broken ribs, multiple blows on a flat surface. The last person who doesn’t know is the result of being thrown with force against a wall or the floor.

The medical examiner described Olga’s injuries as “extremely serious”. To save the woman’s life, doctors performed a decompressive craniotomy immediately after she was admitted to the hospital. She is now intubated in the intensive care unit of Evangelismos Hospital, fighting for her life.

After hiding at first, the judoka later appeared at the investigative department, and on Thursday, the deadline, he will apologize. The man claims that he was not going to send Olga to the hospital. Well, it really happens, I just didn’t calculate the strength …


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