Rape of a 24-year-old: Toxicology showed the presence of substances that affect the nervous system

New details have surfaced in the case of a 24-year-old Thessaloniki woman who reported gang rape on New Year’s Eve in a hotel room.

According to a report broadcast by the Mega TV channel, the conclusion of the toxicological examination of the victim confirms her testimony, since substances capable of affecting the nervous system were found in the applicant’s blood, especially along with alcohol consumption.

It is reported that the girl, who is in a state of shock, is afraid for her life, she receives threats. “The persecution was staged by certain individuals who are associated with criminal structures,” the 24-year-old employer said. “But she is not alone, every day next to one of her friends,” added the same man.

Social media exploded last week over a post about rape of a 24-year-old girl in Thessaloniki, who complained of violence from three men on New Year’s Eve at a party organized in a famous hotel room.

The case has received a lot of attention on social media. Users are accused of involvement in the incident businessmen from Athens, as well as the owners of a restaurant in Thessaloniki.

The girl testified during interrogation last Friday evening, almost two weeks after filing a police report. She is in a difficult psychological condition. In statements to ERT, the victim’s lawyer said the incident was handled by the justice system and the matter was sensitive because it contained personal details about the commission of criminal acts.

The lawyer emphasized that the defendants drugged the girl with sleeping pills, and then raped her: “3 people who were in the hotel room claim rape. The girl was there, following the advice of people she knew and trusted. There were other girls there,” he added.

“She claims that there was sleeping pills in her drink, she drank a large dose and the subsequent happened against her will, without her consent,” the lawyer told ERT. He also emphasized that the 27-year-old businessman, who is accused of rape, admitted that it was he who was with the victim that night, but claimed that everything was with her consent.


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