Coronavirus in Greece: about measures, the 4th dose, fines for the elderly and the development of the pandemic

The Greek government and scientists are monitoring data on the course of the pandemic on a daily basis. Until a significant reduction in the number of intubated and deceased becomes a reality, it is unlikely that a significant relaxation of measures can be expected.

One year after the start of the vaccination campaign in Greece, the head of the National Committee for Vaccination, Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics Maria Theodoridou says:

“The coronavirus is near us, in our house, in our yard. The brake on its spread must be constant, so that we do not give the opportunity to call and “generate” new mutations“.

Yesterday, January 17, the following figures appeared in the EODY summary: 18,834 new cases, 672 intubated, 101 deaths. Against the background of these indicators, the words of Mrs. Theodoridou show that nothing is over yet. Although there are some optimistic forecasts.

However, an expert committee will meet on Wednesday to assess the situation and discuss recommendations for the government. Probably from next Monday, January 24, it will be possible to see a slight relaxation in the measures taken before the New Year.

For people who are immunosuppressed, have serious illnesses, or have undergone a course of treatment that suppresses the body’s immune defenses, a platform will open on January 20 to fourth dose of vaccine. Age category – from 12 years and older.

Fines for persons over 60 years oldwho have not made the mandatory vaccination, begin to be charged from last Monday, January 17. The way AADE will issue and certify administrative fines on a monthly basis was described by the head of the service, Giorgis Pitsilis.

He explained that informing citizens will be carried out according to the usual AADE procedures, through the myaade digital portal at That is, an act on the imposition of a fine will be placed with the appearance of a debt in the information about the debt. The first time this will be done before the end of January. Citizens can also be informed that they have been fined through

In special cases, citizens have the right, using taxisnet codes, through the platform, to submit a reasoned, documented objection request. The application will be reviewed by the relevant department. If it turns out that the fine is not justified, it will be automatically canceled the next month.


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