Cold weather coming to Greece for next five days

It looks like a real winter will come to Europe in the coming days, as successive cold waves will hit the Old World, bringing snow even to the south of the continent.

These cold waves will affect Greece from time to time. According to forecasts of meteorologists, the Diomidis cyclone has now come to the country, and after it a cold air front will come, but it will not bring snow to the flat areas, with the exception of mountainous regions from a height of 300-400 meters above sea level.

Until Friday, heavy rains and thunderstorms will take place in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea and Western Greece. As for the rest of the country, the weather will be good. It will be cloudy in Chalkidiki, Magnesia, Sporades, Boeotia, Evia, Attica, Cyclades and Crete, while light rains will pass in the lowlands. Snow will occur from a height of 200-300 meters and above.

However, a new wave of cooling is expected from Friday morning, associated with a front that came from the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, which will pass from the west of the country to the southeast.

The anticyclone will bring with it cold air masses from the north. This means that in many parts of Greece, even in coastal areas, the temperature in the morning will drop to zero and below.

From Friday to Sunday, cold weather with snow will prevail, blizzards are possible, and rain will fall in coastal areas.


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