A video of the explosion in Glyfada has appeared

The police released a video from a surveillance system showing how the attackers set up a bomb near an apartment building and then detonated it.

On the video from the camera, on the left, at 03:29:51 you can see how the criminals install the mechanism, and at 03:31:50 you can see the explosion.

The blackmail department of the criminal police is now investigating the explosion, whereas earlier it was in the hands of the anti-terrorist service.

At the same time, a team of bomb squads from TEEM (Тμήματος Εξουδετέρωσης Εκρηκτικών Μηχανισμών) collected what was left of the bomb and sent it to the lab for analysis. Records of street and house cameras are also being examined to determine the ways the criminals left. There are also questions about the extremely short time from laying the bomb to the moment of explosion – about one minute.

The big question, also, is what was the purpose of the attack. Initially, according to cnn.gr sources, it turned out that no one lives in the apartment building who could be described as a target, or a person who previously worked in the authorities. However, there is information that an emigrant lives in the house, whose apartment was robbed twice in the past (in Athens, unfortunately, it is difficult to find a house that has not been robbed before. Editor’s note).

As previously reported, explosive device worked on Tuesday night, near a residential complex (on Οινόης 64 street). Police, an anti-terrorist rapid response team and sappers immediately arrived on the scene.

According to information, as a result of the explosion, material damage was caused to the entrance of the complex, as well as to three parked cars, on which fragments of a metal door smashed to pieces fell. There is no information about the injured, but according to residents of neighboring houses, everyone is pretty scared.

At the moment, the police are carefully searching the area, including viewing footage from CCTV cameras, to find out the movement of the intruders and identify them.


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