March 31, 2023

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Greek strongman fights for his life

Georgios Tromaras, the famous Greek weightlifter and strongman, is in a difficult situation.

He reportedly suffered a stroke, and the doctors’ concern for the future state of his health is great.

Georgios Tromaras, born in 1947 in the small village of Ag. Sophia, overlooking Lake Trikhonida, is fighting for her life and is undergoing treatment at the Alexandras hospital, writes

Georgios Tromaras from an early age showed a penchant for these sports and remarkable strength. In addition to wrestling, he managed to bend thick iron bars, break ship chains, lift cars, unclench springs weighing more than 400 kg with his teeth, and even pull trains.

He was the first to organize powerlifting competitions in Greece.

His childhood was difficult, but his love for sports developed in him the qualities necessary for a true athlete and winner. Georgios Tromaras is the successor of Koutalianos and Samson, and now he himself has become the last known strongman.

Georgios is married, he has an adult son Kostas, who followed in his father’s footsteps and gave his heart to the sport.


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